Reasons to Join WEB

Women Enhancing Business PA with the Phillie PhanaticOwning your own business is full of numerous challenges and rewards.  Isn’t it fabulous to know you have networking companions?

Networking, Networking, Networking

The most rewarding benefit of membership is the relationships formed within the group. Not only do we network and generate referrals, but we also experience the support from a common group who encounters similar challenges and opportunities. Together we support each other to grow with enthusiasm.

Directory Listing

Our website directory has your professional bio and links to your business website. Members find the online directory helps increase their search engine ranking and brings more traffic to their sites.

Streamlined Meetings

A typical WEB meeting is efficient. Each member starts with a brief summary outlining her profession. This is followed by a presentation where an individual shares highlights and details of her services and products, bringing a better understanding of her business to the group. Regularly there are marketing meetings dedicated to brainstorming ideas for the growth of our businesses.

Marketing Opportunities

Throughout the year we participate in local events promoting WEB businesses. For example, every year we have a booth at the Radnor Fall Festival and the Main Line Jazz and Food Festival where we get to meet and great the community.

We are here to grow your business