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Sheila Brennan, CPC, Divorce Coach

Business: Divorce Coach
Office: 610.687.1414

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About Sheila:

Divorce can be one of the most tragic events of your life!

You can feel the most vulnerable and weaker than ever yet required to make significant decisions – both emotional and financial. It’s said that divorce is an emotional time – that’s a huge understatement. There are few events in one’s life that impact you financially, socially, emotionally and legally. You need to be your best self at the negotiating table, even if you have to fake it. Negotiations and the ability to see a situation from various angles is innate to what a coach provides to the client. Know what you need and want before enter the negotiating ring. Create a plan and a strategy for yourself – and carefully craft every one of your moves with Sheila by your side.

Sheila’s education and previous work experience has prepared her for the exceptional service delivery to her clients. Her accounting background enables her to run numbers, understand the logic of money and value how $1 does not always equal $1. A masters’ in education (technology) has resulted in an expertise for creating spreadsheets that tell stories. In a divorce situation, it’s the numbers that speak – not the words. Data drives positive results. Corporate training and staff development provided the environment where Sheila mastered effective negotiation and communication skills. Sheila is a Certified Life Coach. Her motto, “When you’re at your worst, I’m at my best!” stands true.


  • Determine goals & create an action plan
  • Identify what you want from the marriage/divorce
  • Build a divorce checklist and wish list
  • Assist in child related issues of the divorce process
  • Develop effective communication strategies with your spouse and attorney
  • Fine tune your negotiation skills
  • Design creative solutions and options for next steps
  • Distinguish business matters from emotional topics
  • Anticipate and prepare for opportunities/scenarios through role playing
  • Gain a true advocate in the process

What Others Say About Sheila:

“Everyone should have a divorce coach, they just don’t know it!” – Michael, Attorney

“Sheila helped me to sort through the most important issues in my final settlement and present them to my attorney in an organized, cohesive way. I can’t mention all the tips and tricks she has that enabled me to feel less stressed during this life changing event. I recommend her highly!” – Terry, Client

“Brenda could not have gotten this far without you. With your efforts, she was empowered for her first meeting with her husband and his lawyers. So from all the women who stand behind Brenda, we are full of gratitude for your expertise and the many kindnesses you have shown her.” – Chris, friend of a client

“She checked up on me after to see how things went…..because she cares! I can’t thank Sheila enough for all her inspiration and guidance through this difficult experience.” – Carleen, Client

“I never felt as though Sheila’s services were a “business deal”. She’s a coach in every sense of the word – a mentor, trainer, supporter and an educator.” – Kelle, Client

“Often clients have unrealistic expectations and they do not accept the limitations they face when described to them from their attorney. Sheila is both a support system and a reality check. She makes a great addition to a client’s support team.” – Laura, Attorney