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About Denise:

Denise started All Kids Yoga in 2007 to have a place where kids with different abilities can come and take class with their peers. She saw a need for this after being a school physical therapist for 5 years and realizing that kids needed to be vested in their own health and well-being. Yoga was the bridge. Shortly after starting her kid’s yoga business, she began teaching adults, and learned the art of Thai yoga bodywork or assisted yoga to better serve her clients. Denise had been a licensed physical therapist since 1996 and has experience working with a variety of settings. She uses her therapeutic knowledge to help all her clients to get the best experience from their yoga practice. She adapts the classes she teaches to each individual. It’s her goal to have each person be comfortable in knowing what their body needs at any given moment and to adjust to that need in yoga class and life. She sees herself as a guide during a group or private yoga session and asks each client she works with to listen to their body and do what is best for them at that particular moment in time.

Services Include:

  • Private Yoga for Adults and Kids
  • Group Yoga Classes Adults and Kids
  • Yoga Therapy Session
  • Thai Yoga Bodywork

What Others Have to Say About Denise

“I also thought you might enjoy knowing that on our way home Zoe asked me if she could have a yoga mat in her room. Then when we got home she took a mat upstairs, made a little altar out of some cardboard blocks, added a candle and wrote a note to herself that she put on the altar that says, “I am beautiful and no one can change me.” ~ Leslie R., mom of Zoe, age 10

“By the way, we are seeing a difference in Cassie’s sleep patterns since she began class with you. She is using the cloud meditation to prepare for sleep. She also goes around talking about sad and happy backs. Love it. So grateful!” ~ Mom of Cassie, age 7

“I come to your yoga class because you individualize your student’s needs and help work out problem areas. I like the fact no 2 classes are the same, and enjoy learning new poses each week! You keep your students focused on practicing a clear mind set and living in the “now!” You are a fantastic teacher, both enthusiastic and extremely helpful to your students! ~ Diane C., Adult Yoga Client

“Just wanted to thank you for getting me in so quickly for the Thai yoga session last week. It helped tremendously! I was pain free the very next morning and have been sleeping so much better!” ~ Lori H., After Thai Yoga Bodywork Session

“Your class is a place I can be totally myself. I feel so comfortable and so able to say what I feel and for a shy person this is huge. I love that you make your students feel like it is ok to be wherever they are at that day and not be hard on themselves.” ~ Erica, Adult Yoga Client