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Cheryl Atkins-Lubinski, Integrity Eye Associates

Business: Optometry Services
Office: 484-580-8873

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About Cheryl:

Integrity Eye Associates, LLC, is an innovative, independent Optical and Optometry Practice specializing in all of your eye care exam and material needs for adults and children. Our staff collectively possesses over 80 years of eye care experience, and passionately remains current on all new technologies and procedures within the field. We provide a full range of services using the latest technology to diagnose and treat disorders of the eye. A unique selection of over 3,000 frame options is available at pricing to meet all needs and lifestyles. We gladly fill any current eyeglass prescription from an outside source, and specialize in creating the most unique Rx. Our lab equipment is the most advanced on the market, and offers us the ability to deliver improved turnaround time for completing a pair of glasses. Most vision plans are accepted.

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Optometric Exams, Adult/Pediatric
  • Contact Lens Service
  • Eyewear Selection