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Carrie Waldron-Brown, Between the Lines

Business: Inspired Tutoring of all Curriculae include Writing, Language Arts, and Humanities (6-12th grades)



Office: 610.420.4414

About Carrie:

Born in the bustling metropolis of New York City and raised on a colorful British isle of Bermuda, Carrie Waldron-Brown embraced language, literature and writing at a young age. She fostered her love of academia at Barnard College/Columbia University, and upon graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, she eagerly pursued a career teaching English. She met her husband, Brian, while teaching in Baltimore; over the following two decades they enjoyed the benefits of several exciting career opportunities. As a couple they have lived–and Carrie has been an integral part of the academic community–in five states and on two coasts. With their sights on starting a family 10 years ago, Carrie and Brian moved back east and settled on the Main Line to be nearer to family and to grow their roots. Daughter Alix is in 5th grade at T/E Middle School and son Carter is in 3rd grade at Devon Elementary.

Carrie’s lifelong dedication to education has evolved from English teacher to that of inspired tutor. Over the span of 10 years she taught English at several highly competitive middle and high schools (public and private sectors, and co-ed and single-sex institutions). Early in her career she recognized that teaching and learning solid writing skills was a challenging task, so she researched how academic institutions were addressing the need for stronger writing approaches. Her findings led her to develop a writing resource handbook and launch her first Writing Center, a place where students can go to receive support with any and all writing needs. Given the Center’s welcome success she was asked to subsequently open another Writing Center at her next school. Carrie’s singular focus has always been to support students of all ages and disciplines at every stage of the writing process—from learning expository structure and developing a thesis to honing a polished college essay or research paper. Carrie holds a Masters of Art in English Literature from Middlebury College at Oxford University where she studied productions by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and was instructed in poetry theory and writing by Princeton’s Poet Laureate Paul Muldoon. In addition to her academic pursuits and starting a family, Carrie taught introductory French, coached field hockey, and was awarded her PA teaching certification (grades 7-12). For the duration of the 2012–2013 school year, she taught 9th grade English at Radnor High School and 7th and 8th grade English at Episcopal Academy; at both schools she was also a respected and esteemed member of the Writing Center staff.

List of Services:

  • Writing Coach: instruction at every level and subject, from conception/thesis creation through to highly polished papers
  • English Tutorials: strengthen knowledge base of English curricula (middle and high school level expertise)
  • Educational Organizer: improve test preparation and build both daily confidence and preparation
  • French Tutor: Bolster skills by speaking, hearing, and using enhanced language skills from intro- to mid-level
  • YOUR STUDENT CAN GAIN THE FOLLOWING FROM GREAT TUTORING: Improved grades, strengthened confidence, conviction and clarity with writing skills, analytical growth, developed speaking skills, enjoyment of literature, bolstered grammar and mechanics skills, and heightened comprehension of literature and poetry.

What Others Have to Say About Carrie’s Tutoring Services:

“Carrie brings a special passion for learning to her students. She motivates her students to engage in the subject and think outside the box!! Her sense of humor and unique teaching style engages the student in the subject at hand. My 14 year old son looks forward to meeting with her to work on his writing.”
~Barb Omrod, Conestoga High School parent of a 9th grader

“Mrs. W-B helped Thomas to be more clear in his writing. He has specifically benefited from your writing process ‘system.’ The visual presentation of it helped Thomas to learn how to use it. Thomas feels you are a better tutor than his previous writing coach because you do more than just correct what is written. Both boys appreciate your energy and enthusiasm !”
~Gloria Pollack, parent of 8th and 11th grade students at Shipley