Pet parents

There is a new trend to provide pets with human-quality products.
“Pet parents” are prioritizing and investing in their canine “kids.” As people increasingly embrace pets as integral members of the family, the demand for human-quality pet food, service, clothing and grooming is continuing to grow.
They purchase “people quality” pet food.
They secure the best dog care.
They style and frequently groom their pets…

A Better Life

I had lunch with a client this week and she raved about how much she and her husband appreciate their new patio and gardens. She says she loves looking at the gardens and can’t stop talking about them. Her family now enjoys spending time outside daily. And they love entertaining there too. I could not wish for more! My goal is to design outdoor spaces that enrich my clients’ lives and feed their souls. My heart was deeply touched when she expressed her joy. Thanks!

Brick Patio
Before, Brick Patio

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It’s A Game Changer!

Divorce Changes Lives: For Better or Worse

Don’t underestimate the impact of divorce on your life. You can google divorce and every facet of it and come up with many ways to be bigger, better, stronger, empowered following your divorce. You’re on to bigger and better! And this might be the case in your situation but you have to get there. You have to travel the divorce road full of conflict and decisions, many that you may feel incapable of making on your own. That’s right, on your own!!

When you’re stressed and distressed, the part of your brain that is tapped to make good analytical decisions is not at its peak state. This causes one to become overwhelmed with decisions and choices. Divorce is one time in your life when you MUST make difficult decisions and for many, it’s the first time these enormous options are being considered without the benefit of the spouse.

David Bach, the author of Smart Couples Finish Rich, provided some insight into divorce during an ABCNews interview.

Below are highlights:

  • FILING for divorce is relatively inexpensive.
  • Try to avoid litigation (traditional divorce) – only about 5% of all divorces in the country end in a trial although many go to court to resolve smaller issues.
  • Upper middle class divorces cost anywhere from $50-$180k.
  • Couples often spend from 10-15% of your assets on legal fees.
  • Bach suggests mediation, collaborative, and cooperative resolutions.
  • Retainers range from $5,000-$25,000 cash.
  • He strongly recommends contact with a financial planner before you negotiate a settlement – and most likely would have encouraged the inclusion of a divorce coach, if he had known one.

Other considerations are:

  • Should I file for divorce now? What about support?
  • Do I have to file for child support in a different way?
  • How much money will I receive or be responsible to pay?
  • What happens if he/she runs off with our money? Hides assets?
  • What happens to the school loan debts?
  • What about health insurance? Life insurance?
  • Should we choose mediation, collaborative, cooperative or the more traditional path for divorce?
  • What should we do with the house?
  • Do I have to return the ring?
  • What will happen to the retirement funds, the pension and will I get Social Security?
  • Are there stock options or deferred stock and can that be split between us?
  • Can I change my will? Who has my power of attorney?
  • And most importantly, how will we share parenting and will my kids be ok?

Breaking up is hard to do…for sure. Divorce is worse than that!!

Interior Insights from Sherry

As Fall approaches, we will typically be spending more times in our homes.  If you enter and look at your home and you’re not feeling the love, maybe it’s time to redecorate or refresh your interior living space.  Your home should nurture you, not disappoint you.

Before recoiling at the idea of adding another thing to your already crowded “to do “ list, know that this doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking.  Redecorating can be done on any scale, and it can be done on your own, or by enlisting the help of a professional.  Maybe it is time to knock down some walls and reconfigure the space you live in; but maybe you just need to add some fresh items and touches to update the look or to reflect your changing tastes.

To get you started, here are a few tips:

First, is your home working for you and your family?  Does it support your lifestyle?  Do you have an extra bedroom you use simply as a storage area, while you are crying out for more closet space in the entry hall next door, or an extra bath?  These decisions need to be tempered with the timeframe you have left before moving, but if you’re planning on being there more than five years, the support of your lifestyle has tremendous value to you.

Second, If you don’t love it, don’t keep it.  By love, I don’t mean you have to think it’s extraordinarily beautiful (though you may).  I mean you have to love the look, or love the function, or deeply love the memory attached.  Otherwise, it’s time to allow it to have a life somewhere else outside your home.  (And no, your garage doesn’t count.)

Thirdly, remember paint is the cheapest and fastest way to make a significant impact.  Don’t be afraid of color.  Color is your friend.  Color is also very personal, so don’t be overly swayed by trends. We’ll talk more about this in a future article.

There are many more considerations for creating your own haven, but addressing these three is a great start.  And most importantly, start  now.  Because everyone, regardless of your taste or budget, deserves to have a home that they love to come home to.

Consider a cruise for your next vacation!

5 Reasons to consider “cruising” for your next vacation
– Unpack & Pack ONE time
– Visit Multiple Destinations
– Meals & Entertainment are included and no need to plan!
– Variety of Onboard Activities to please all ages
– Ships come in all shapes & sizes

Andrea Marshall Voehringer, Andrea’s Avenue to Travel

WEB at the Radnor Festival

We had such a beautiful day this past weekend to exhibit at the Radnor Festival!

WEB at Radnor FestivalWEB at the Radnor Fesitval

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