4 Important Things That Can Help You Sell Your Home

By Sue McNamara, Realtor You are finally ready to put your home on the market. You hire a realtor, the sign goes in the ground and now you wait. For a Seller this can be excruciating. As sellers there are things you can do to make sure you sell quickly. On...

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Why Holiday Events are Important

By Jean Kintisch, Pine Hill Events Do you or someone you know think holiday parties are just too much?  They involve too many gifts, too much fuss, too many outfits, too much food, and too much time.  I can’t completely disagree.  However, I think it is...

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Get Social

To engage or not to engage – that is the marketing plan question

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2 days ago

Women Empowering Business

Path To Your Wellness
If the Real Housewives of NYC say it, it must be true - ENERGY IS EVERYTHING! I can help you get that positive energy flowing 😄
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