Meeting Attendance

Weekly attendance is vital to the success of our group; therefore, members are limited to 12 absences annually or 4 consecutive absences.

To avoid an absence, WEB members can send a female representative in their place.  Members are permitted a substitute in their place a maximum of 12 times a year.  Absences will be tracked and recorded. If a member knows she will miss a meeting, please let the leadership know in advance.

Forgiven absences are for extenuating circumstances including accidents, long-term family illness, death in the family, or personal medical treatment or health problems, which should be communicated to the leaders of WEB.

A leave of absence may be granted upon discussion with the leaders. The member will provide an expected return date and WEB will hold the spot for a maximum of three months.

If a member plans to bring a guest or potential member, kindly let the WEB leaders know in advance.